Hello Yosemite Families!

His week in Yosemite our friends were interested in things like gardening, doing each other’s hair, and Easter was definitely on our minds this week!

To help grow our interest in gardening we decided to plant more seeds!

We asked our friends what their favorite vegetables were and we came up with corn and peppers! 

We first talked about soil and how it helps plants grow. We took turns feeling and breaking apart the soil. 

Then we each picked what kind of seed we wanted to plant and took turns putting them in our plant pods. 

Afterwards we took turns watering our seeds. 

We put our plant pods in our science center where we check them and water them everyday! We were very excited to see that our corn has started sprouting!

We also added soil and our toy flowers to our sensory table to continue to explore gardening!

To grow our interest in doing each other’s hair, we put empty spray bottles and paint brushes in our dramatic play. Our friends used them to pretend to do each other’s hair, nails, and pretend to give temporary tattoos!

Easter was definitely an interest of our kids this week!  To grow our interest in this we did a variety of egg related activities! 

We colored hard boiled eggs! We explored what happens when we mix colors and put multiple colors on our eggs at once!

Then we cracked and peeled the eggs so we could eat them for snack!

We also had our very own Egg hunt where we searched the classroom for eggs with our names on them!

Our friends also enjoyed creating crafts using Easter stickers, Easter stamps, fake grass, and gems!

It’s no secret our friends love playing outside on our muddy playground. This week we got our rain suits that will allow us to play in the rainy muddy weather! 

We enjoyed making rivers, mud pies, and ramps for our trucks to go down!

These activities helped promote problem solving, fine and gross motor skills, language development, patience, and their cognitive development. 

Our friends had so much fun this week exploring and growing their creativity! We can’t wait to see what fun ideas they have next week!

Have a great weekend!

-Yosemite Teachers 🐸 🌧