This week in Olympic the kids were interested in gardening and planting. Jen Vachon brought in a seed starting kit for our class to start growing and the kids were so excited! They started  asking questions about how it works, what we could grow, and when we might see some green sprouts. We planted our cucumber seeds together this week. Our class took turns planting seeds and watering them in groups. When we finished we put our newly planted seed starter kit in discovery center for the kids to observe, and care for by watering , and checking daily for signs of growth.

To help grow our interest in gardening and planting we put out books about gardens, gardening and farming. We added a  Plants magnetic science kit to discovery center.                 

We put gardening tools and gloves in dramatic play

We made some spring colored play dough together for our class. The kids really enjoyed playing with it while it was still warm. We also put some spring fun in our sensory bin that the kids loved. They liked filling the eggs and making shakers


Our class also enjoyed making bunnies and chicks in art center, dancing on the rug to songs like Going on a bear hunt, Tooty-ta, and Follow the leader, and of course they all LOVE playing outside in the mud.

These activities promoted cognitive, social emotional, fine motor, and gross motor development.

Reminders;  Please check your child’s bag daily to restock clothing as we are having kids coming in that have wet socks and/or the bottoms of their pants or the knees of their pants are wet from kneeling to dig in the mud. Thank you to all of our Olympic families for sending in grocery bags for muddy/ wet clothes and for keeping your children stocked and prepared for whatever the day may bring.

 Have a nice weekend~ Miss Lisa & Miss Jen