Hello Glacier families!

This week in Glacier we continued welcoming spring!
Our friends showed interest in the tree bark after the snow melted, so we set up a bark stamping activity with red paint. They loved not only pressing it on the paper, but also exploring the different textures on both sides of the bark with their fingers! This activity promoted fine motor development and enhanced the kids’ curiosity.

To help grow interest in springtime activities, we had fun playing with plastic eggs and “grass”, offering different containers and baskets to put the eggs in, and letting our friends explore. This contributed to cognitive development and enhanced their problem solving skills.

Our friends also showed interest in the sandbox outside, so we decided to offer a similar activity indoors by making taste-safe “moon sand”, and by presenting cookie cutters, muffin tins and spoons. Our friends played with it in many ways, some tried making shapes with their hands or the cookie cutters, some filled the muffin tins and used a spoon to take the sand out. This activity promoted cognitive development and fine motor skills, and doubled up as a sensory activity.

Since the weather was good this week, we enjoyed playing outside together a lot. We introduced new outdoors toys and our friends especially loved playing with cars on the ground, in the sandbox or down the slide! Our friends learned how to take turns with the cars.

Lastly, our class also enjoyed playing with the light table together, and seeing how different objects produce different colored lights!

Thank you for reading this week’s blog.