February 19, 2021
Hello Parkside Families,
Wow, what a strange week it has been! This blog unfortunately doesn’t include much of what my typical weekly blog includes…that is mostly because our center over the past week was much different than usual: the greatest number of kids we had was 19! Therefore, my blog is going to reflect and inform of changes we have implemented since last Thursday.

Since March 16, 2020 this chapter titled “COVID” has a great villain; the villain that we ran as far away from…although we couldn’t smell it, see it, feel it or hear it we must know how to keep away from it. Our team has worked diligently…I mean hours and hours have been dedicated to keeping away from this. And although on Thursday and Friday I felt this huge disappointment- you know similar to when you are playing Chutes and Ladders and you’re almost at the end of the board game when you land on the biggest slide in the game. Although in this situation we had/have no idea of when the end of the “COVID” chapter the disappointment was real. But after Thursday and Friday I found myself reflecting on the proud work our team has done. Now, I have picked myself up and have done some reflecting on this situation. Since March we have tried to support all of the recommendations given from Bangor Public Health, CDC and state licensing. There have been tricky times when even our best laid plans haven’t worked. We often will say “Plans A-Z didn’t work so now we’re on Plan ZZ”. We make decisions with the safety of the kids and staff always a priority. But this situation proved to me that we can do better. If we ever have another exposure I am hopeful to have less children and families affected. Therefore, beginning on Friday: we have assigned two part-time teachers to two classrooms. That way when a full-time teacher is out one of the part-time teachers will take on the role of the teacher while other part-time teacher will continue to be the classroom’s lunch coverage. Our goal is to keep even our part-time teachers in a couple of spaces rather than moving about the center. Of course, this plan will only be effective for planned time off. As you know, I encourage all of our staff to notify me anytime before their work schedule begins if they are not feeling well. Therefore, when moments like these happen, we will make the next best decision.
We have also decided to make a permanent change with two of our staff members which will again allow us to not have to worry about adding an additional person to the classroom to recover the ratio when that staff person leaves. Therefore, beginning on Monday, 2/22, Miss Stefanie, our Assistant Teacher in the Sequoia classroom will be moving to the Yellowstone classroom and Mr. Zach who is our Full-Time Floater helping in the Yellowstone room will be moving to the Sequoia classroom.
I am a firm believer in moving forward. I am a firm believer in knowing that the systems we have established at Parkside were and are good ones. I am looking forward to when our center is filled again! I hope you can trust the work we are doing and that your child’s safety is our priority.
With much gratitude,