Hello Olympic families!
This week in Olympic we had a pretty small crew. A lot of families stayed home as the local schools were out on break, and with the few we had home for quarantine it was pretty quiet here in Olympic.We really enjoyed doing some crayon resist art with water colors together. The kids got a kick out of finding hidden shapes, and designs when they painted.

We also had fun learning about Chinese New Year. It actually fell on Feb. 12th, which was the same day we celebrated Valentines here so we chose to do it this week instead! We made paper lanterns, and read stories about Chinese New Year and the traditions observed on the holiday. We even tried using chopsticks at lunch! The kids noticed some mooncakes in one of our stories so later we watched a short 2 min video on YouTube with a sweet little song about  Mooncakes. Here’s a link if you like to watch it with your family too


“Mooncakes” Karaoke Sing Along Song 👩🍳 Over the Moon | Netflix Futures

The kids explored magnets in discovery center.

Our friends have been into dinosaur books so we put some dinosaurs in block center, and they really got creative with them.

We look forward to have all of our friends back soon. Thank you for all you do Olympic families! See you next week.

Olympic teachers ❤