Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton! This week, in spirit of Valentine’s Day, we learned about love and friendship! We read many books about love, such as “The Perfect Hug”, “I Love You Because…” and “Be My Valentine, Peter Rabbit”. We also sang a bunch of songs about love, like “Skiddle Marinky”, “I Love You A Bushel and A Peck” and the “I Love You” song. We even had a Children’s Valentines playlist to dance to and enjoy!

During our free time, we’ve been practicing our gross motor skills. A few of us have REALLY mastered standing tall, and it’s become a common favorite thing to do!

Meanwhile, some of our other friends have been practicing playing on their belly. Mirror play was a wicked hit this week! Our friends cooed, made faces, and had all kinds of fun!

We enjoyed some sensory play through a glittery bag of water. Every time we hit it, we got to watch the baggy jiggle and sparkle! This is a fun and easy activity to try at home, too! In addition to our sensory table activity, we got to enjoy some handprint painting! We love the new feeling on our hands!

Just a reminder, we are closed for Presidents Day this Monday (2/15), so we’ll see you all again on Tuesday! Have a wonderful extended weekend and a FANTASTIC first Valentines Day with our adorable friends! We love you all!