This week in Zion we had lots of fun with food and friends.  We loved playing games together such as ‘open shut them’, and chase.  We  also experimented with our self help skills by putting away our own lunch boxes, and water bottles.  Some of us loved helping our friends by giving each friend their water bottle for lunch.  We love putting things together such as our letter matching popsicles, and our brand new magnetic cars.  Zion loved playing with our food cornucopia.  We liked taking each of the Velcro pictures off and back on again.  Some of us took the pictures into the dramatic play area to have a picnic.

Reminders:  Parents we are closed are closed Nov. 26th-27th for Thanksgiving, and please label everything.  With the colder weather each child should have two sets of hats, two sets of mittens, boots, jackets, and ski pants.