November 20, 2020

Hello Parkside Families!

What a great week we had at Parkside! Our teachers have been busy! We have had a great time implementing elements of Thanksgiving into our classroom with sensory bins that contain baking items or fall items we have found some fun turkey songs to sing and we have had much fun outside playing! In this week’s blog I have included information on your child’s assessment, a reminder of important dates for next week and playground information.

Your child’s folder included their assessment. Our assessment cover letter will explain how to read the assessment, the dates it covers as well as what areas of development it covers. After finishing reading our summaries, I encourage you to set up a time to talk with your child’s teacher either via zoom or by phone (it would be great to see each other’s faces). The best times to set up a meeting is between 9-10 and 2:30-3:30. You can set up a meeting with Lynna if your child is in the Grand Teton, Glacier, Sequoia, Zion or Yellowstone classroom. You can e-mail her at: laustin@parksideclc.com. Or if your child is in the Big Sur, Yosemite or Olympic classroom you can e-mail Lisa at: ljanicki@parksideclc.com.

Next week is a busy week for us at Parkside! We will be closed Wednesday, November 25th for our shut down day. Our teachers will be busy learning about integrating children into play opportunities in our preschool classrooms, our Infant and Toddler Assistants will learn more about heuristic baskets. We will all train more about outside playground times! We will also have CPR and First Aid training with a group of our teachers on Wednesday morning.

Thursday and Friday, November 26th and 27th Parkside will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving and the day after.

As you know, promoting more outside play experiences is important to me. This week toddler-Pre-K classrooms went out every day for at least 20 minutes…even on the bitter cold day! Thank you for providing warm outerwear for your child to be protected in; we wouldn’t have been able to go out without the heavy clothing you provide! You may have noticed that many afternoons this week our preschool classrooms stayed outside past 4:00! The kids LOVED playing in the dark- the playground looked and felt like a whole new experience for them. We are looking for ways to continue to promote longer afternoon play as long as we can. I have received a suggestion to have lights for children to have on them; we are looking into different options to make sure we continue to provide a safe but fun experience for everyone!

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, I have been thinking, venting and reflecting about all of the feelings I have about this holiday. Please note, this part of my blog is not meant to say my opinion or choice is right and all other decisions are wrong. But I am worried. I am very worried about what is going to happen after our holiday. I completely understand the wants and needs to be with family during the holiday. This will be our first Thanksgiving without any of our grandparents; I want to be so badly there with my family. I want to laugh with them without wondering if this is the right decision, I want to hug my nieces and nephews without holding back (although they are too old for me to hug them so they would just twist themselves out of my arms). I think my feelings are ones that many of us can relate to. Something you should know about me: I am a traditionalist. I LOVE traditions! In fact, my family laughs at me by how much of a stickler I am about traditions. When I hear one of my siblings are changing the plan, I barely can understand their reasoning. When Dave and I were first married I would spend the night at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve only to walk down the stairs with my siblings to the Christmas tree. Call it silly- I know it is, but it’s the feeling and the memories that flood my mind and heart when traditions happen. 2 ½ years ago when we bought Parkside our Thanksgiving changed a bit. Strangely, I was ok with it. I think because I see Parkside as family it made since to create a tradition that included Parkside on Thanksgiving. Therefore, the one part of our Thanksgiving this year will include Parkside. Your child has made a decoration that will be hung in our hallway on Thanksgiving. When your child enters Parkside after the Thanksgiving break they will see the decorations hung and lit. This event is done with my husband and Abby. I love that my whole family is part of the tradition at Parkside. I am grateful daily, but this Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for. I hope that whatever your Thanksgiving looks like that you feel the same.