Hello Olympic families!

This week in Olympic we’ve been exploring lots of different areas of learning. We themed this week loosely on the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration with our books, art projects and our weekly reader activity. But overall the kids chose many different approaches to learning this week.

We had water color turkeys to paint, and a painted pie craft  in art center. We also put out chalk, feathers, and dot markers in for the kids to create with. In discovery we added an invitation to recreate a daylight or starlight animal scene with oil pastels.

Our friends have really been enjoying building long trails with blocks to use as forts, or to sometimes walk and balance along.

For most of the week nearly every friend asked for help with making a paper airplane to fly around with friends on the rug. We even experimented with longer planes or shorter ones to see which ones flew the highest or farthest! 

We had Miss Lisa helping out in our class this week and the kids really enjoyed reading stories with her and singing rhymes with her. 
Playdoh was a big hit as well as some new table top items we got in this week!

 A big thanks to our Olympic families who not only keep their kids stocked and prepared for the day, but also consistently listen to our concerns and suggestions to help their kids adjust and adapt to all the changes we’ve been enduring. You’ve made all these transitions easier for your children and us teachers as well. We appreciate our Olympic families❤

Reminders- Please check your child’s winter clothes bag daily! Chances are there are wet and/or muddy clothes that need to be taken out; given a good shake-off and hung to dry for the next day. Some may even need to be washed. This will also enable you to make sure they have a stocked bag with extras so your child can be dry and comfortable.
Have a nice weekend ~ Olympic teachers