Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we learned about family, friendship, turkeys, and Thanksgiving! We sang songs like “The More We Get Together”, “Hello Mr Turkey”, and the Family Finger song. We read some fun books like “10 Fat Turkeys”, “5 Silly Turkeys”, and our “Touch-and-Feel Fall” book. 

We practiced our fine motor skills through a few turkey projects. We practiced ripping and crumpling tissue paper, then stuck it to contact paper to make a turkey. Some of us especially enjoyed ripping the tissue paper off after putting it on. We also really enjoyed exploring the sticky feeling of the paper!

Our older friends practiced painting with a paintbrush to make a turkey on a paper plate.

We all enjoyed our “paint in a bag” activity. It was squishy and squeaky! 

Our younger friends did a footprint turkey project and got to feel the squishy sensation of paint on their feet and between their toes. The paintbrush tickled our feet and even made some of us giggle!

We all enjoyed our gross motor parachute activity again this week. We loved the colors!

We finished our week with feather play at our light table. We explored the soft feeling of the feathers, the colors, how the light shined through the feathers, and more!

We sure had a fun-filled week! We look forward to the fun to come Monday and Tuesday! We’ll be missing you the rest of the week, but hope you have a VERY happy Thanksgiving!