Hello Yosemite Families!

Our friends had so much fun exploring the pumpkins on the playground last week that we decided to explore more vegetables! We talked about what plants need to grow, the different stages of the life cycle of plants, and explored the seeds of corn on the cob, peppers, and tomatoes!

Our friends have also really enjoyed our art center this week! They have been making collages using magazines and stickers!

We got some new blocks that we have loved using to build boats, docks, houses, and all kinds of other fun creations!

The “Don’t Break the Ice” game has been a huge hit this week. We have been talking about taking turns and using team work to put the ice pieces back together!

We also got a special treat this week and had Abby, Ms. Jen’s daughter, teach us how to make slime!

This week in Handwriting Without Tears we continued talking about our grip and practiced coloring using our special crayons. 

 We also continued practicing identifying and making the letters of the alphabet. We used our stamp and see as well as our play dough to make different letters. We talked about which parts made up each letter (big curve, little curve, big line, and little line). 

Notes and Reminders: Please make sure all of your child’s belongings are labeled!

As the weather gets colder we ask that you remember to pack your children with extra clothes and hats and mittens! 

Have a great weekend!