Hello Yosemite Families!
This week in Yosemite we had lots of fun playing dress up! We dressed up as firefighters, chefs, and police officers!

Our Yosemite  friends have also really enjoyed building large towers this week!

We had some new additions to our playground that we enjoyed this week!

The kids loved planting our beans that we decided to do some more planting. This week we planted marigold flowers!

We also started our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum this week! We talked about the alphabet, practiced identifying the letters, and talked about our right hands! We also got to practice with our wooden pieces that we will eventually use to make letters!

Notes and Reminders:-The kids have been loving having lunch outside, so we will continue to do this as long as the weather allows it! If your child needs something warmed up please let us know either at drop off or message us and we can warm their lunch up!
Have a great weekend!