Hello Glacier Families!

Even though we had a short week our friends have been so active. We put up sticky contact paper for a sensory activity, the idea started off as just a touch and feel activity. The Glacier kids made it into a stick and peel activity all on their own by grabbing toys from around the room to see if the toy would stay on the contact paper. Glacier kiddos loved our new tree activity center. They manipulated the beads, opened and closed doors, and enjoyed moving about the little bugs. These little guys have also shown interest in scooping, and dumping in the sand box! One of our favorite recycled objects of the week was a diaper box. The kids put objects in it, took things out of it, climbed on it and in it. They moved it through out the room by pushing, pulling and even rolling it. It was so fun to see the kids creating new play experiences with such a simple object. 

Thank you for visiting the blog this week! We hope you have a great weekend.