Hello Yosemite Families!
This week we asked the children what they wanted to work on at school and are moving toward child driven activities.
A lot of our friends said they loved worms and butterflies, so on Monday we made Butterfly water! (Water and sugar) and we saw 3 new butterflies on the playground!
The children were talking about teeth and our health so in science we added some dentist tools!

We loved cars and making long trains

We painted on tin foil!
We explored the globe and asked questions about different countries.
The children have loved building blocks so we tried water blocks and water droppers. We then discovered that they stick to the walls!

We have been loving some puzzles

Loose parts have been one of our favorite centers! We love the freedom to make whatever our heart desires. This week we had buttons and wood cookies.

We have been loving water play outside. Doing things like making rivers, filling and dumping trucks, making cakes, and even practicing jumping over some large puddles. Seeing the children exploring the hose and it’s different settings has been a blast! The children talk about how each one feels and which one is better to jump in!
Thank you for bringing water shoes and plenty of extra clothes so we can continue to stay cool in this warm weather!
To align our schedule with the other preK schedule we will now be doing recess from 11-12 and 4-5!  This may mean you are picking your child up from the playground.