June 26, 2020

Hello Parkside Families!

I hope you enjoyed your week! I’m going to take this opportunity to write simply about my emotions.

On Saturday, we will celebrate two years of buying Parkside. I know I write often about how much I love Parkside. I remember the first time I walked through our front doors for my interview with Liz and Paul (the founders of Parkside): it was September of 2009. I had no idea how much I could love my job. When I returned from my maternity leave in October of 2011 my heart grew two times the size (yes, just like the Grinch’s) not only was this becoming my home, but my daughter’s too. Parkside has not only became a job for me it became part of my family.

In February of 2018, we were given the opportunity to buy Parkside. The majority of my feelings included excitement- but as any risk provides it also provided fear and anxiety. Although these feelings are still felt everyday my love for this program has grown even more. I am truly committed to not only trying to live in the present and enjoy every moment, but to continue to make plans to grow our program to being even better.

This year, we have certainly had many successful accomplishments: we finished the remodeling of 4 infant/toddler classrooms, we began our renovations for our natural playground, we are beginning to move towards a more play-based curriculum that includes loose parts and heuristic baskets. We had our teachers celebrate some amazing accomplishments: including Lisa and Stephanie who celebrated their 13th anniversary at Parkside! We also celebrated weddings and house-warmings together. My Dad and brother, Cory have become a huge part of helping our program become better with classroom renovations, landscaping and gardening. My sister continues to come in with her amazing eye to “wow” us with fall pictures. My husband Dave, plays a behind-the-scenes role, but he is my support when it comes to payroll (which is definitely not my forte) he can also be found helping me make a “crazy” project come true. Abby, my daughter helped me with making cooking videos and then decided she wanted to make a slime video and a kit too! My two families are beginning to blend as one; I couldn’t be happier!

Why might I share all of this with you? Because I have never wanted Parkside to be defined by one person and I have always wanted everyone to love Parkside. The past two years have taught me more than any other job- but I have had the support of my family and our team to help me to stay on course. I could never imagine doing it without them. Although when I think back through the past year, I often have a hard time thinking past March 13th! Our year was not defined by just COVID; there were so many more wonderful events that made this year just as memorable as my first year.

As we move into our shut down week, I want to express my gratitude to you. It’s funny, something that is/was so stressful I believe has given us the opportunity to grow in our relationship. I am truly grateful that you trust us. My hope is that you love Parkside as much as I.

Have a wonderful week!