May 20, 2020

Hello Parkside Families!

Wow, I think spring is finally here! When the sun is shinning and the warmth of spring can finally be felt it feels like a whole new world. The birds are chirping more, the kids are laughing louder and I just seem to smile a big bigger. I hope you enjoyed your week! This week’s blog will include all of the projects that will be completed during our 4-day break, what our teachers are learning, parent handbook updates and a reminder about our shut down week.

Our 4-day break is going to go quickly with the number of projects I hope to complete. The two biggest projects include a sanitization application as well as our first stage of our playground renovation. Modern Pest will be coming in Friday morning for 5 hours to hand apply a disinfectant to all of the surfaces adults and kids touch. The process is called a DSV. The disinfectant has been proven to fight SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. The disinfectant will be applied by hand, it will stay on all of the surfaces for 2-hours and then hand washed. To prep for this project, we have had to strip every piece of paper from our walls- picture this it looks like the Grinch came to Parkside! As you may know, I have done a lot of reading and speaking with the specialist on how we can keep Parkside clean and safe and this process was a recommendation to me. The disinfectant will last a month, which at that time we will assess whether we have it done again during our shut down week. In addition to the work inside of our building, we will begin stage 1 of our playground renovation! Honestly, I am feeling a mixture of excitement and a bit uncertainty. This is a project that I have been looking forward to completing since buying Parkside was offered to me! Our stage 1 will include the removal of some of our bigger pieces of equipment: the large climber, tire swing and the sand ship!

There are so many “firsts” since we started following COVID-19 protocols! A first for us was to a provide a remote training for our teachers instead of spending the day together. As Lisa, Lynna and I were putting together our syllabus we thought of positives and negatives to Friday’s training: the positive will certainly include our teachers having the opportunity to learn at their own pace in a comfortable space. The negative is what we have felt since the start…we won’t be together. Our shut down days always include collaborative sharing and planning; we also recognize all of our anniversaries that have occurred in this quarter and any other special events. On Friday, I will be recognizing all of these special individuals in a video, but I also want to share these accomplishments with you!

For our 1st year anniversaries: Miss Erin, Miss Ashley Cunningham

2nd year anniversary: Miss Allison (our Lead Big Sur teacher)

3rd year anniversary: Miss Katelynn

4th year anniversary: Miss Danielle

6th year anniversary: Miss Allison (our Office Manager)

We would also recognize Miss Kalsea, who is planning to get married at the beginning of June!

Our Infant and Toddler teachers will be learning about heuristic baskets, diverse holidays and natural playgrounds. Our preschool teachers will be learning about diverse holidays, lose parts and natural playgrounds. Our Lead Teachers will begin their learning of a philosophy called “Discipline Without Punishment”. This philosophy will help our Lead Teachers will continue to best support their team.

Parent handbook: We have been updating our parent handbook! Next week we will be sending out an electronic version of this handbook, which will go into effect beginning June 1st. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at jvachon@parksideclc.com.

Shut down week: Our shut down week is planned for June 29th! During that week we will be busy taking on stage 2 and 3 on our playground renovation! We will be having a new fence putting in which will provide defined areas for infant and toddlers to play, our preschool kids to play as well as a mud, sand, water and art area for everyone to play in! I am so excited to see everyone experience some of the beginning steps of a natural playground and all the fun and creativity they will find in it!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!