Hello Olympic families

This week in Olympic our focus was on Laura Numeroff stories and baking.
We read all of the Laura Numeroff books and several others about baking. Some even had a sweet treat surprise at the end!  We did a group graphing exercise to see which book we liked most in Olympic and If you give a moose a muffin won.
We made Chocolate Mud Muffins from a recipe in the back of a Laura Numeroff stories collection book. The kids really enjoyed the muffins! We sent the recipe home with the class so they could make them at home with their families.
In block center we added some pool noodles cut into donuts for an added texture and color to play with. The kids were quite inventive with these rings and enjoyed making things with them.
In art we did a “If you give a dog a donut” craft that the kids chose from samples we showed them. They really enjoyed decorating their donut with sprinkles and making spots on their dog like the dog in the story.
Outside we did a relay race with cones and tires as obstacles to make it challenging!
This week our butterflies finally emerged from their chrysalis’ and we were able to release them.  All of the children were able to hold the butterflies on their fingers before watching them fly away. It was so sweet to see their faces.
The weather has been so awesome this week! We’ve really enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air! If you haven’t had a chance yet please  make it a priority to send in the completed form for sunscreen we sent home this week along with sunscreen for you child. Your child can wear a sun hat or baseball cap too if you’d like for extra protection. Your child can also wear sandals with a closed toe and ankle strap ( like the Keen-type style) No flip flops or open toed sandals please.  Crocs are ok with the back.
Have a nice long weekend and enjoy some family time in the beautiful  sunshine.