May 15, 2020

Hello Parkside Families!

Have you had moments during our COVID-19 experience when you think “wow, that would never have happened if we didn’t have this experience”? For the past 9 weeks I have found myself on an up and down roller coaster ride when I am overjoyed and grateful and then I’m sad and frustrated. This week I want to express my gratitude to all who have been encouragers of mine and Abby’s Facebook videos. Honestly, when Allison suggested this I cringed and thought “please don’t make me”. But now I look at this as an activity that Abby and I get to do together, which we both look forward to. I have always wanted Parkside to be a part of my family’s world…and this has brought us even closer. We are planning our next activity, Abby is begging for another slime activity, but I think we can wait on another slime kit.

What a week we have had at Parkside! Many of our caterpillars have morphed into butterflies in our preschool wing, we have seen some friends we haven’t seen in quite some time and we are finalizing our plans for our playground remodel! It has been a busy week indeed! In this week’s blog I have included information about the playground and the weather, pre-k graduation update, upcoming events in May and June!

I have been joking over the past couple of weeks about how I think Mother Nature is confused and forgot that it is May! This week a kiddo said at drop-off that she was feeling sad because it was cold and windy outside. I am sure we are all feeling a bit like her! Please know that we are still going outside twice a day. Although there are days when the afternoon temperatures are warm the mornings can still be chilly. Please bring in clothing that your child can wear comfortably! Oddly enough, I do want to take a moment to say I’m sure the warmer weather will be coming. If you would like to bring in sunscreen, we will need an ointment form to be completed. Our teachers will be sending home ointment forms next week for you to have when you are ready to bring in sunscreen.

I have been waiting and waiting to make the what seems like obvious announcement that we have to cancel our Pre-K graduation. Although I guess if I was being honest the decision has been made for quite some time, I was simply holding onto some hope. I always say there’s nothing more personal than having a relationship with you and your child and that you have chosen us to be responsible for the most important part of your world deserves a celebration when it ends. Our Pre-K graduation as sad as it is allows us to (in my eyes) give proper closure to a chapter that has lasted for years. I hope that we will be able to celebrate one way or another before September. Our graduates will receive a package in the mail as a way to celebrate their time with us. I will e-mail all of our Pre-K families if we can have a celebration in July or August.

May is halfway through! How is that even possible? Please note that Parkside will be CLOSED for training, renovations and sanitization on May 22nd. We will also be closed on Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day. We will also close the week of June 29th to complete our playground renovation!

Have a wonderful weekend,