Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!
This week we learned the concept of “hard” and “soft” through books, sensory activities, songs, and other fun activities!
We started our week out with touch-and-feel books like Baby Says Peek-a-boo and That’s Not My Bunny. Plus we got to explore a nifty sensory wall with scratchy-hard sand paper, fuzzy “sheep’s wool”, and soft purple fabric.
We had an absolute blast during mirror play! First, we played with hard and soft texture blocks. Later, we played dress-up with hard and soft hats. We loved the soft hats! The hard hats… not so much!
We ended our week with lots of sensory and fine motor fun! We painted with soft cotton balls, practiced pulling hard and soft toys out of our discovery boxes, explored a few different sensory bags (hard boiled eggs, sugar, and flour), and discovered Oobleck (cornstarch and water).  We can’t wait to see what there is to learn and discover next week!