This week in Zion we learned all about friendship.

We talked about how to be kind to friends such as using gentle hands and taking turns.  We used stamps and bingo dobbers to make pieces of a friendship “quilt” to hang in the classroom.

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We also learned about the color red.  We had a red sensory bin filled with red rice, crepe paper, hearts, and fake flower pedals.  We also had red construction paper and crayons in the art center.

We read lots of books about friendship or Valentines Day including Pete the Cat and The Love Monster.

We decorated paper bags with red pencils and stickers so we could have something to put our friendship cards into.

Next Monday is a shut down day so Parkside will be closed for the day.
The clothes on top of the cubbies next to sign in sheet are unlabeled and without a home.  If you see an item on the cubby that belongs to your child please put it back into their cubby and label it if possible.
Thank you and have a great weekend.