This week in Zion it was all about bears.  We got to play to play with with many different types of bears such as hard toy polar bears, and panda bears and nice soft brown teddy bears.

We used blankets to put them to sleep because we learned that bears sleep during winter.  We learned that bears live in caves and made some out of tissue boxes.  We even got to pretend to be bears and we made our very own cave out of a large sheet and our shelves.  We loved to sing songs such as the bear went over the mountain and going on a bear hunt.  We made bear tracks in Play-Doh.  We washed our bears and even painted bear faces!


Snow is coming so please make sure that your child has two pairs of hats and mittens, along with warm boots and a winter jacket if possible.  It gets very cold out on the playground.  Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend!