November 8, 2019

Hello Parkside Families!

I hope you have enjoyed your week!  I am writing this blog while watching the weather forecast for Friday…SNOW!!  I say this with mixed feeling of excitement and sadness. I love watching kids play in the first snow of the year. 🙂  This week’s blog includes a reminder of what your child needs to have at Parkside EVERYDAY, shut down day, November food drive, and some exciting December dates to put on your calendar!

Now that the weather is cooler and we will soon be playing in  the snow we expect that each child is to come to school with the following items:

Warm winter jacket

Snow pants

Winter boots

2 pairs of mittens


Extra clothes (pants and socks)

If your child does not have these items, we will be calling to ask you bring them for your child.  Our goal is for every child to have fun outside and to be safe; without these essential items we will not meet that goal.  Please talk with your child’s teacher if you have any questions about winter outerwear.

Our shut down day is THIS Monday, November 11th!  Parkside will be CLOSED while we have the opportunity to train as well as meet with you for parent/teacher conferences.  Our teachers will create new goals to support the 5-2-1-0 program, which will improve our program for your child by creating more healthy snack options as well as increasing our physical movement throughout the day.  In next week’s blog I will include the goals we have created. In addition, we will be working on improving our environments by adding new materials to our heuristic baskets in our infant/toddler rooms as well as adding an art center in each classroom.   Our preschool classrooms will be working on the arrangements and displaying items in their room which will feel more organized and less overwhelming for children in their classroom. The last part of our day is focusing on 2020 and goals that will help to improve our program.  As you may know, we have been very lucky to have TJ Halloway help us to improve our program over the past year. He helped our Leadership team create goals that will help our program feel and look different in 2020.  

Our food drive for the month of November is on its way!  We will continue to collect non-perishable items in our lobby for local food cupboards until November 22nd!  Please help us to support our communities through this food drive!

December is such a busy month for us at Parkside, and I’m sure it is the same for you!  Therefore, here are some dates to put on your calendar:

December 9-13th: Parkside cookie making!!  If I could add 5 more explanation marks to this event I would!  I just love cooking and this event is one of my most favorite memories at Parkside!  Parents, if you would like to join us for making or decorating and eating, we welcome you!!  We start making our cookies at 9:30 -10:30 and decorating will begin at 3:00 and end at 3:30. Here is the schedule for each class:

Monday, 12/9: Olympic

Tuesday, 12:10: Yosemite

Wednesday, 12/11: Big Sur

Thursday, 12/12: Yellowstone

Friday, 12/13: Zion


Tuesday, December 17th: Parkside Holiday Concert; 9:30: Yellowstone, 10:00 Big Sur, 10:30 Yosemite and 11:00 Olympic.  Our concerts will be in the classroom and will last about 20 minutes. We invite you to come and see what your child has been working on in their music and literacy classes!


Have a wonderful weekend!