Hello Olympic Families and Happy Friday!

This week in Olympic we learned about fairy tales.

We read stories such as, “Goldilocks,” “The Three Bears,” “The Three Little Super Pigs,” and “Cinderella Penguin.”


For our stations we added Goldilocks and The Three Bear puppets to our library center, in which the children got to recreate the story using the puppets.  We made Humpty Dumtpy in the art center using scissors, construction paper, glue, and band aids to help put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

At the science center we added boiled eggs, cotton balls, wash clothes and other materials too see which one would work the best to prevent the egg (Humpty Dumpty) from cracking.  The children used colored pencils and paper to draw a representation of their experiment!


In dramatic play we added cooking materials such as bowls and cookie sheets along with gingerbread men, along with fairy tale dress-up clothes.  The children got to make and decorate their own gingerbread 🙂

In the block center we added little Goldilocks and The Three Bears people, and the children built their beds using the wood blocks.


For Handwriting without tears this week, we focused on capital letters by using alphabet cards with capital and lowercase letters.  The children worked on dividing the capital letters from the lowercase letters.



Snow is coming so please start bring in snow pants and and snow boots, along with jackets, hats and mittens if possible.

Please also make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubbies if possible.

We are closed Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!