This week in Zion :

SPOOKY October fun!

As a class we took some time to talk about the holiday of Halloween by asking Zion friends if they knew what it was and what they were going to dress up as!

Zion had a ton of fun carving a pumpkin 🙂  Each child had a turn to cut it and put their hands inside to feel the slimy inside and see the seeds 🙂

Not only did Zion friends get to dress up in costume for the Parkside Halloween Parade, but we also took turns in Zion’s spooky photo booth, pretending to be witches, and frankensteins!

We had a great time cooking our own pumpkin bread with Ms. Jen, and our banana ghosts snack as a class 🙂

It was a wonderful holiday week in Zion, and we hope every family has a safe and fun Halloween 🙂