This week in Olympic our theme was pumpkins!  We discussed the different types of pumpkins and their colors. We also talked about the “ribs” of the pumpkin, or the lines on our pumpkins, and how they are all different from pumpkin to pumpkin.

As a group on Monday, friends from Olympic helped Mr. Dayne clean out the pumpkin, separating the guts from the seeds. Each student was able to take a turn at scooping and separating seeds. Once cleaned and carved, the pumpkin was added to the Science center so the kids could see the change in the pumpkin from Monday to Friday!




In choice time this week, two light up miniature pumpkins were added to dramatic play, along with a pumpkin themed garland.




Black and Orange paper was added to our Art station with Halloween colored oil pastels. Students were able to draw themselves and their families dressed as what they are going to be for Halloween!

Our handwriting without tears activity for the week consisted of the students working on writing their own name in lower case letters.




Next week we will be taking about spiders and Halloween 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend!