October 18, 2019

Hello Parkside Families,

As I am writing this week’s blog I am listening to the howling winds and the pouring rain! I can’t help but to think that we should talk about our storm closure policy. In addition to our storm policy, we will also have information about the costume parade on Halloween, information on our upcoming shut down day and the tuition letter your received for 2020.

I like to think that this year will be like last year and we don’t have to close or have a delayed opening. But, if we were to close our program, it will because we’re not being able to keep our facility safe for employees and families, we lose power, or we don’t have any water supply. We are lucky that the location of our building is near important businesses and that we do not typically lose our water or electricity. If we have to make the decision to close, it is my goal to announce it as soon as possible to you by sending you a text. We are going to send a test text out, if you do not receive this message please stop by the office to notify us or you can e-mail me.

Thursday, October 31st: Costume parade! This is such a fun event for the kids and teachers! Parents, please bring your child to Parkside dressed in their costume. We will have our parade at 9:30 and afterwards we will take your child’s costume off and place it in their cubby or a bag. Our parade includes weaving through each classroom to show off our creative costumes to our friends. Halloween often includes sweets and candy. Parents please remember, we ask all candy is left home due to allergies and choking concerns!

Monday, November 11th: Shut down day is quickly approaching! Our day will include many great topics, such as continuing to work on our goals with 5-2-1-0, curriculum building with our Infant and Toddler Teachers and our Preschool Teachers and upcoming changes that will occur beginning in 2020. Our curriculum training for our Infant and Toddler teachers will include creating more art centers in our classrooms for kids to independently use, building more exploration baskets in our classroom to support heuristic learning. In our Preschool classrooms we will be discussing displaying and also building our centers to include more materials recommended by Creative Curriculum. In addition to these topics, we will be offering parent/teacher conferences between 12:45-2:45. We will have sign-up sheets in each classroom in the upcoming week! If you are not able to meet during this time, but would like to meet with your child’s teacher then please stop by the office to arrange another day and time to meet.
This week you received the tuition pamphlet for the program year 2020. If you did not receive a pamphlet or if you have any questions about the new information please stop by the office. We have many exciting plans for next year including playground and classroom renovations! 2020 will be an awesome year; I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

Have a wonderful weekend,