Hello Olympic Families,

This week was fire safety week here at Parkside, and what fun the children had 🙂

To start off our week we discussed the importance of fire safety and what safety precautions we can take in case of a fire.

We added fire equipment such as air tanks, fire helmets, fire hydrant, and a hose to the dramatic play center.  The children really enjoyed putting their fire fighting skills to the test to put out our pretend fires.


We added paper plates and red paint for those who chose to make their own fire helmet, which they then got to wear in dramatic play if they chose.  We also added red construction paper, crayons, and glue.  The children used these materials to make their own fire trucks.  We even added fire truck puzzles and alphabet games to the toys and games shelf!


This week in whole group we worked on our alphabet with our ABC Sing and Point activity as part of Hand-Writing without Tears.  During small group we did stamp and screen, which is when the children use magnetic lines and curves to make different letters.


Since it was a rainy day on Thursday, we put our firefighter skills to the test and did a relay race as we put out the “fire”.

On Wednesday the Bangor Fire Department came to show us their firetruck, and the children loved learning about the different equipment.  They even got to sit in the fire truck, which they enjoyed 🙂

We had a successful fire safety week in Olympic!

Have a wonderful weekend!