September 27, 2019

Hello Parkside Families!

I hope your week went well!  We had a great week at Parkside!  Emily McIntosh was here to take fall pictures;we had the opportunity to observe the changes Fall brings to us including talking about the acorns that fall to the ground and the colorful leaves in the trees!  This week’s blog includes information to changes on how we are going to announce when the blog is ready to read, our Parkside pumpkin patch, how our cooking special is growing (not going!) and events in October!

Last week we put a poll on our Facebook page asking if the blog is a helpful way to communicate with families.  As of Wednesday afternoon, we heard from 41 out of 127 families.  I am so happy to hear that the blog works for many of the voters, but I feel we can communicate betteras a whole.  Therefore, beginning this week we are going to keep the blog, but will announce the blog is ready to read two ways: on our Facebook and through Remind (we will text you the link).  My hope is that we will be able to reach more of our families so that everyone knows what is happening at Parkside.  I welcome any and all of your suggestions to help accomplish this goal!

Beginning this Monday, our pumpkin patch will be ready!  We invite you and your family to decorate a pumpkin(s) and place them in our pumpkin patch for the month of October.  Please do not carve the pumpkins, they will not last as long. 😊  At the end of October you can either take your pumpkin home with you or we will dispose of them.  On Monday you will see the picket fence with the pumpkin garland on it.  You can place your pumpkin right next to the fence.  

This week I put a letter out to our Glacier families that we are going to begin cooking in our infant classroom!  As you may know, cooking with the kids is an activity that has so many learning opportunities to it…andwe just love it so much!  When I chose to pursue a degree in teaching it was not because I wanted to sit in an office and do paperwork.  Cooking has allowed me to have the opportunity to connect and share an experience with the kids.  Therefore, beginning in October Glacier kids will see me for a cooking activity!  

The month of October is such a fun and busy month at Parkside! The things you will expect to see and hear us talking about are the Creative Curriculum assessments, which we will be working on an assessment for each child that reflects the fall benchmark timeframe.  We will also be talking about fire safety!  The Bangor Fire dept will be here on October 16th from 9:30-10:30!  We will also have our annual Halloween parade on October 31st…stay tuned for more information!  In addition to these great activities, we have a visitor named Leah, who is the Youth Education Director at Congregation Beth Israel in Bangor.  She will be visiting our preschool classrooms next week to discuss the traditions of Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot and Yom Kuppor.  We are so excited to have her teach us some of the awesome traditions used to celebrate these holidays!  The last new event in October will include the Big Sur classroom!  We are going to pilot the KidReportsapp (which is a daily note) in October!  We will begin with a small group and continue to grow it as we become more successful with the new system!  Please look for an e-mail and more information coming soon in the blog!  

I look forward to celebrating another month with you!

Enjoy your weekend,