Hello Olympic Families,

This week in Olympic our theme was Fall!
This week in our centers we added leaves, acorns, and twigs all in which the children helped to collect.  We added these nature materials to our science center and art center, which allowed the children to create different art projects such as puppets and leaf rubbings and even examine the materials at science center using science equipment such as a magnifying glass.
White boards and expo markers were added to the music center in which the children were able to draw music notes and make their own pattern to play.
Scarfs were added to dramatic play, since it’s getting rather cold outside.
At cooking center we made English muffins with apple jelly, in which the children worked on their spreading skills.
We also read many fall books during whole group and choice time, Harvest Party was a hit.
This week we participated in many different whole group activities as apart of our Hand-Writing Without Tears Curriculum. We learned about curves and circles, vertical and horizontal lines and so much more using our wood pieces.
We even introduced “Mat Man” which then turned into a small group activity as the children drew Mat Man using our special two sided crayons.
 We had a fun and eventful week in Olympic and hope that you have a wonderful weekend!