Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!  This week we read books about the weather.  Two of the books we read were, “Puddles”, and “Fall Weather”.  We also sang, “What’s the Weather?”, and “Mr. Golden Sun”.


We imitated the sound of rain as we played with our egg shakers and rain stick.


We used our fingertip to paint raindrops on a picture to hang on our bulletin board.


We splashed with our hands in water.


We played with a scarf and made wind sounds as we read, “One Windy Day”.

We also had fun feeling the wind the parachute made on us as our teachers flapped it up and down over us.


We watched bubbles float around from the wind of our fan.

We went outside and experienced the nice warm sunshine too!

We balanced and bounced on our big red ball and had a puppet show 🙂



Our goal is to get the babies outside as much as possible.  Please bring in a jacket and hat. Have a great weekend!