July 26, 2019

Hello Everyone,

What a wonderful week we had! Not only was the sun shining, but (not sounding like I’m
complaining) the humidity eased up! This week I want to talk about a new partnership, end of the year event information, as well as a school supply fundraiser with Penquis C.A.P. Wow, I don’t know about you, but when we are begin talking about school supplies I realize we are quickly heading to the end of our short summer season!

Last week, we met with a trainer from a wonderful organization called 5-2-1-0. You may have noticed the posters on our classroom doors. This organization is going to help improve many elements we provide at Parkside including better nutrition options for AM and PM snack as well as creative physical activities (especially while we are inside during inclement weather). During our upcoming shut down day we are going to be working on an action plan on what we feel we need to continue to improve on to help you and your child’s experience be that much better. In addition to the training elements it provides to our staff it also gives us all kinds of information to share with you! So, beginning this week I have attached the link to one of the resources called “How much does my preschooler need”. This resource provides information for children ages 2-5 with snack and meal ideas as well as nutritional intake according to their gender and activity level. There’s also a link for helping with picky eaters! I hope you will see a change in what our program offers! We have also created a new position, Kitchen Assistant, which Serina, (who formally was our Assistant Teacher in Sequoia) is fulfilling. This new position is going to allow us to experiment more with our snacks because she will have more time to prep for more complicated items vs Miss Lynna, or another team member prepping in the morning.  Serina is also going to provide a more organized and systematic way to have snack by delivering to the classrooms with all of the dish-ware to provide family style eating. After snack, the teachers bundle all of the used items in the bin and Serina brings it all back to the kitchen to sanitize all of the dishes using our dishwasher. Stay tuned for new changes in the future!

Mark your calendars… our end of the year event is scheduled for Friday, August 23 rd ! This is always a fun event for the kids as well as the teachers! We will have a morning of activities during the AM recesses for Infant/Toddler and Preschool rooms. After nap time, I am excited to share with you that Darling’s Ice Cream truck will be visiting us between 3:00-4:30! All of the donated proceeds will go towards Sarah’s House; which is a non-profit organization in Holden who allows anyone (and their families) to stay for up to a week while they are receiving cancer treatments. Here is a link to their website if you are unfamiliar with this amazing effort: https://www.sarahshouseofmaine.org/. In the upcoming weeks we will have a permission slip form in each classroom. I have received confirmation from Darling’s that there is at least one option (and usually there are multiple) at each visit that is peanut free! We will announce the schedule for the day for both the infant/toddler as well as preschool classrooms.

For several years now we have participated in the school supply collection drive through
Penquis C.A.P. It is such a welcome tradition to see the school bus with Elmo driving parked in front of the lobby doors to collect all of the donated supplies. All of these supplies will go to families in our community who need support to make sure their children are well prepared for the start of the school year. We will begin collecting this Monday, July 29th -Friday, August 9th!

Have a wonderful weekend,