Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!  This week we learned about the ocean!
Some of the songs we sang were, “Take Me Out to the Ocean,” “The Waves in the Ocean,” and “I Went Swimming in the Ocean.”
Our teacher showed us the sign for fish.
We played with beach balls with our friends!
We manipulated our ocean puzzle, and we pretended we were in the ocean as we played on our blue mat.
We took a buggy ride down the hall to look at the ocean mural!
We saw an octopus, orca whales and a dolphin.
We played with sensory bags filled with cold blue jello and gummy fish.
We puffed out our cheeks and pretended to be puffer fish!
We read some books about the ocean too. We read, “Pout Pout Fish,” “Little Sea Turtle,”
“Little Dolphin,” and “Baby Animals.”
It has been a busy week. Have a great vacation!