This week in Olympic we explored a few different themes. We talked about Earth day on Monday, we did some exploration of worms and continued talking about butterflies.

As a group, we drew pictures of the Earth and labeled our pictures with the words “Earth Day.” Miss Trudi talked about life cycles and brought in eggs for us to explore.


At the “recycled” art station, our friends enjoyed using a variety of materials to create their own works of art.


We continued to enjoy butterfly books in the library.


At the block center, we used Geoblocks to decorate and cut out butterflies; keeping in mind that butterfly wings are symmetrical.


We had our pictures taken in our caps and gowns on Wednesday! If your child missed this, we will make sure to have a makeup day!

A few Maine baseball players came to read to us on Thursday!


Hopefully, all these April showers will bring some beautiful May flowers, green grass, and no more mud! Happy spring!