February 22, 2019

Hello Parkside Families,

We had a great week!  We started out with connecting with many of you during our shut down day on Monday.  It is unique when we get to sit and talk with parents without the stress of having to supervise children!  Thank you to all who met with us!  If you were not able to meet with us on Monday, please stop by the office to set up a time.

After our parent/teacher conferences, we had the opportunity to meet as a full group to build our skills as assertive communicators with TJ Holloway and his team from the Holloway Group.  As you probably have heard me say, I think it is extremely important for the success of our team to become open and direct communicators.  During this training, we had the opportunity to learn more about our personality traits as well as our co-workers’ personality traits.  This helped us to understand each other more and what kind of communicator we are.  In addition to this, we had the opportunity to role-play scenarios that are common at Parkside.  An interesting part of the conversation was when we discussed the emotional intelligence, we each have: which includes our self-awareness skills.  This topic connects with what we try to teach at Parkside using Conscious Discipline.  As you can probably tell, this training day was very insightful to us as individuals as well as our team- thank you for your support!

Today is the last day to register for our Pre-K program in the fall!  This means that we are opening our enrollment to those who are not enrolled at Parkside.  It doesn’t mean that current Parkside families cannot enroll!  If you have any questions about our program or the registration process, please stop by the office or e-mail me at jvachon@parksideclc.com.

Next week our classrooms will be celebrating Dr. Seuss (his birthday is 3/2)!  Our classrooms will have all kinds of fun activities for the kids to participate in…please take a look at the classroom curriculum!  On Friday, 3/1 we will be making green eggs and ham for an afternoon snack; please let your child’s teachers know if you prefer your child not participate in this activity.  In honor of green eggs, dress your child in Green! 😊

Have you seen the Grand Teton classroom yet?  The renovation gave us even more space for children to explore and play in the classroom!  I am so excited (and impatient) to do the rest of the classrooms!  Stitham’s Custom Homes did a fantastic job taking out the old flooring and placing new vinyl plank flooring down and painting the classroom walls.  We have created a plan to continue to change the flooring in our other classrooms- we will continue with our infant and toddler classrooms first. 

February is dental health month!  On March 7th our Olympic class will visit the dental clinic on the UMA campus.  This trip is one we have done for several years in the past; the kids will have the opportunity to learn about the tools that are used when we visit the dentist and how we can keep our teeth healthy.  The kids will leave Parkside at 8:45 via Cyr Bus and will return to Parkside around 10:30. There will be a permission slip on top of the cubbies next week for you to sign giving your child permission to attend this field trip.  Please talk with the Olympic teachers if you have any questions.  I also attached an article which includes tips to promote dental health in your family.

Have a great weekend!


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