Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

We want to thank Jen for how great our room looks!  The babies are enjoying the expanded play area too.  This week we have been learning about nursery rhymes.

We have been building on our language skills as we learn different rhymes.  Some of the nursery rhymes we’ve read are, “Hey Diddle Diddle,” “Little Miss Muffet,” and “Mother Goose Favorites.”

We played with our fingers and toes as we played, “Pat a cake,” and “This Little Piggy.”  We did an “I Love you ritual” of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

We played with a glittery jello sensory bag at the table.  We built our block tower up and our teacher helped us stand up next to it to measure how tall it was.  We also sang the “Three Little Kittens” rhyme.

Have a wonderful weekend!