Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we had fun learning about dinosaurs.  We sang, “Dinosaur Dinosaur,” and “Did You Ever See a Dinosaur?”  We learned about all different types of dinosaurs during story time.  Some of the books we read were, “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?,” and “How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?”  Our favorite book was, “Dinosaurumpus.”  We liked dancing along as we did the dino rumpas!


Some of us even dressed up in our dinosaur themed clothes this week!


We played with dinosaur sensory bottles and decorated our own dinosaur with our handprint.


We played with colorful pasta in a sensory bag and worked on our fine motor skills as we pulled pipe cleaners out of the holes in our colander. Don’t forget to check out our new gross motor climber and cloth musical pianos we got this week!

Have a great weekend!