Hello from Olympic!

We’ve had a fun week this week!

On Monday, Miss Trudi came for science class and we got to dissect different seeds!

Miss Emileigh’s mom, Nancy, came to visit us with all of her fire “turn out” gear! Our friends loved it! They also learned some more information about fire safety.

At our fine motor station, we worked on putting playdough pumpkins in order by their size.


At the ABC station, we chose a leaf to write about.



Our friends had lots of fun at dramatic play using our plastic pumpkins.



At the game center, we matched letters on pumpkins, then wrote the letters on paper.


At 123’s, we sorted and weighed our bears.


Thank you all for bringing inside shoes. We don’t have a lot of storage space so we are asking kids to have only ONE pair of inside shoes, either a pair of clean shoes or slippers.


  • We had some cold days this week! Please make sure to send hats and mittens. We go out if the temp is 15 and above.

Have a great weekend!