October 12, 2018

Hello Parkside Families,

What a week it has been!  We started our Tuesday morning thinking the most excitement we will have will be the fire truck visiting, but instead baby Sailor, Miss Bridgette’s baby decided it was time to make his appearance to the world!  Sailor was born on October 9th he was 5 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long.  If you haven’t seen our Facebook page, there is a precious picture of him.  We welcome him to our Parkside Family!

As mentioned, the Bangor Fire Department came to visit us on Tuesday!  This month is fire safety month.  Our classrooms have been talking about fire safety, firefighters and the equipment that they use.  For instance, did you know that fire trucks have different colored hoses because the yellow house hooks up to the fire hydrants and the other colors are to clarify which hose needs more water pressure?  The firefighters allowed the kids to climb up into the fire truck, touch the equipment and ask them questions.  We also want to thank Bill Tisdale, from State Farm, he came to visit our program and brought firefighter hats and coloring books!  We had a great time; you can see the pictures from this event on our Facebook page!  Here is a link to an article on how you can continue to teach fire safety at home with your family. https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/fire.html

Next week begins our “no shoe policy” at Parkside!  I have heard from many families about how excited they are for this change!  I have to say, I am as well!  Beginning on Monday you will see boot trays outside of your child’s classrooms with botties next to them; please choose to either cover your shoes or to put your shoes on the boot trays before going into the classroom.  Inside the room, your child’s teachers have a special place for outside shoes to go.  I realize this may take some time to get used to, so please don’t worry if you forget, I’m sure we all will!  We want to give us enough time to start practicing this procedure before the wet slushy snow is our norm!

Fall assessments: Our teachers have been working to complete the first benchmark of the Creative Curriculum assessments.  We plan to have them ready for you in the next month!  Our assessments include information regarding your child’s development in Social and Emotional, Physical, Language and Cognitive Development.  Since the beginning of September, our teachers have been observing and documenting these observations of your child, which will help us complete their assessment.  If you are interested in learning more about Creative Curriculum, please talk with your child’s teacher or stop by the office.

Halloween is coming!  This year Halloween falls on a Wednesday; the day will consist of fun activities, a special pumpkin snack and a costume parade!  We will start the parade at 9:30 and will weave through the classrooms.  Because of the young children in our program, we ask that you do not bring any masks in.  Parents, please bring your child to school with their costumes ON; after the parade, we will have everyone take their costumes off and place them in a bag.  Also, as a reminder please do not bring any candy into the program; this is for safety purposes much of the candy may contain or is made in a nut facility and can be a choking hazard. 

2019 Calendar:  I have been working on finalizing the program calendar for Parkside for 2019.  Below is the calendar for the following year.  Please e-mail me at director@parksideclc.com with any questions!

Have a great weekend,


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Parkside Calendar for 2019

Monday, January 1st: CLOSED, New Year’s Day


Monday, February 18th: Presidents Day; CLOSED for shut down day


Friday, May 24th: Shut down day; CLOSED

Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day; CLOSED


Pre-K Graduation; Date to be determined!


July 1st-5th: Shut down week


End of the year Event!  Date to be determined!

Friday, August 30th: shut down day; CLOSED


Monday, September 2nd: Labor Day; CLOSED

Pictures with Emily McIntosh; Date to be determined!


Monday, November 11th: Veterans Day; Parkside CLOSED for shut down day

Thursday, Friday November 28th and 29th: Thanksgiving and the day after; CLOSED


Baking cookies; Dates to be determined!

Winter concert; Dates to be determined!

Tuesday, December 24th: Christmas Eve; CLOSED

Wednesday, December 25th: Christmas; CLOSED

Tuesday, December 31st; New Year’s Eve; CLOSED

Wednesday, January 1st: New Year’s Day; CLOSED