Happy Friday from Olympic!

This week we worked on cutting, counting and number order! All with a fire safety theme! The highlight of the week was certainly the visit from the firetruck!

We worked together on a big firetruck floor puzzle.


At the math station, we worked on cutting and counting by making a fun firetruck book!


At fine motor, we used our hand muscles to roll out playdough to make numbers, and rolled balls to match the number!


Our friends found lots of fire safety words while writing around the room.


As a group, we read lots of books about firetrucks, firefighters, and fire safety. We practiced stop, drop and roll, and played a fun game of “rescue” with a hula hoop.

We made some yummy trail mix during our cooking special with Miss Reanna too!


  • On Monday, we are rolling out our no shoe policy. Please make sure your child has one pair (slippers or sneakers) of inside “shoes” to keep at school.

Have a great weekend!