Big Sur

Hello Big Sur families!

This week in Big Sur we learned all about fire safety and firefighters! Our friends met real firefighters and looked at a real fire truck!

In dramatic play, we got to dress up as firefighters and pretend to run a fire truck.

We also did a fun science experiment mixing red and yellow to make a fizzy orange “fire.”

To practice our letter recognition, we talked about how fire starts with the letter “F.” Our friends got to decorate their own F’s to look like fire.


We also discussed other community helpers and the tools they use!

Next week we will be learning about the animals of Maine!


  • The weather is getting colder so please make sure your child has a jacket and extra warm clothes (pants, socks, long sleeve shirts).
  • We will be starting our no shoe policy starting next week on Monday, October 15th. This means parents and children will need to remove their shoes when entering the classroom. Inside shoes may be changed into or wearing just socks is also fine. If you have any questions feel free to ask us or the office.

Have a great weekend!