This week in Zion, we celebrated that fall is finally here! We learned about what animals do in the fall. We also learned about acorns, corn on the cob, pumpkins, leaves, and so much more!

For activities this week we…

Loved playing in our sensory bins. This week, they were apple pie themed!


Made a collage using red, green, and yellow pieces of paper. We learned that those were the colors of apples!


Used legos to paint corn on the cob.

Pretended to run a farmer’s market. Our friends came to our stand and asked for fruits and veggies.


Drew pumpkins using different shades of orange.


Made a pumpkin patch by using our fingerprints.


And put apples and birds on our velcro mural.



  • Please bring in puddle/rain boots. The playground is pretty wet in the morning.
  • Please make sure your child has weather appropriate clothes in their cubbies.

Have a fantastic weekend!