This week in Zion we learned all about our rules and routines. We also welcomed all of our new friends. We’re very excited to have new friends to play within our class. We learned about being friends and working together.

During our activities this week we…

Made friendship bracelets by stringing cheerios onto pipe cleaners. We also ate lots of them!

Used markers to draw self portraits,

Worked together to play with our parachute,

Loved singing and dancing with our friends in music with Mr Aaron,

Used letters in our name to paint with,


Worked together on puzzles,


Worked on sitting for literacy with Ms Gail. We loved working on being a member of a group.


And worked together to finger-paint a very large mural.



  • Please remember to bring in Family pictures if we don’t already have them.
  • Book orders are due Friday, September 21st.
  • Our 3rd annual color run is Friday, September 21st. Permission slips and donation forms went home on Wednesday, September 12th.
  • Please remember to clean out your child’s folder DAILY! Sometimes there is important information in them.

Have a great weekend!