Happy apple week from Olympic!

This week we did some apple tasting and graphing our results as a whole group.


Thank you to all of our chaperones that joined us for our field trip to Treworgy’s. It was such a great time!

At fine motor, we cut and colored our mini apple books, we also were able to put our books together in sequential order.


Miss Bryn came in this week and talked about engineering! We then formed small groups and made bridges with various kinds of materials. We tested their strength by putting pennies on them. If the bridge fell, we worked together to find another way to build them stronger.



At the science center, we used magnifying glasses to inspect and examine the inside of an apple.


Our friends also had fun rolling out play-doh and making apple pies.

Our new special (cooking and nutrition) with Miss Reanna took place Friday! We made a delicious dip and tried some new vegetables.


Next week we will be doing some fun fall activities!

Have a great weekend!