This week in Zion we learned all about the weather and seasons.

On Monday, we talked about spring. We learned that it rains a lot in the spring. For activities we…

Made rain cups,

Used water colors to paint puddles,

On Tuesday, we talked about winter. We learned that in the winter it’s cold and snows. For activities we…

Made snow pictures by coloring with white crayons, then we glued small pieces of white paper to our pictures to look like snow.

On Wednesday, we learned about fall. We learned that it can be very windy on fall days, which blows leaves around. For activities we…

Made windsocks to hang up outside

On Thursday, we learned all about summer. We learned how hot it gets in the summer. We learned that the sun is yellow and bright. For activities we…

Made lemonade! It was so yummy!

Drew pictures of our favorite seasons.


Pretended to have a picnic in dramatic play.


  • We are CLOSED Monday September 3rd

Have a great weekend!