This week in Olympic, we did some fun activities involving ice cream! We also welcomed some new friends from Yosemite and said goodbye to more of our friends who are going off to kindergarten. This is always a bittersweet time of year. We know “our” kids are ready to go and we are so excited for them and this new fun experience, but we certainly will miss them!

At the 123 station, we matched “ice cream scoops” to the corresponding number on the cone.


At the play-doh station, we made some letters with our play-doh. Some friends made things with the play-doh that started with their letter.


We worked on our cutting skills at the color. cut and draw station, cutting out cones and making our own ice cream designs.


At the ABC station, our friends matched words and letters.


Lots of fun was had in dramatic play pretending to scoop and serve ice cream!


We made “letter lookers” and placed them in the book area. While looking at books our friends used the “letter lookers” to find specific letters.


Have a great weekend!