Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we learned about jungle animals.  We practiced making sounds like the different animals in the jungle.  Our favorite sound to make was of an elephant.  We sang, “In and Out the Leafy Jungle,” “Five Little Monkeys,” and the “Jungle song.”  We played with our jungle animals and searched for other jungle animals around the room. We found jungle animals in our pop up toy, on our jumper and under our floor gym


We read, “I Know a Rhino,” “Good Night Gorilla,” and ” Little Elephant.”  We went on a safari in our buggy.  We found more jungle animals in the hall.


We used bubble wrap on a paper towel tube roller to paint a lion’s mane.


We had fun with our baby dolls this week too.  We also practiced some conscious discipline breathing  by blowing a pin wheel to help us when we were feeling upset.

Have a great weekend!