August 3, 2018

Hello Parkside Families!

                We had a great week at Parkside!  I realized this week, as I was walking through the hallways one morning how special it seeing the relationships our teachers have with the children and families in our program.  I know these relationships are special to all of us and love getting to know the children and families in our program.  I don’t say this enough, but I’m also grateful to the amazing teachers we have for providing this loving experience every day. 

                Over the past few weeks I have been talking about transitions for children.  Along with children transitions at Parkside we have teacher transitions as well!  We have new teachers who have joined our team!  Please welcome Mr. Dayne in the Olympic room, Miss Kaneisha in the Yellowstone room, Miss Gabby as a Floater!  August can be a month of changes at Parkside because many of our awesome Part-Time teachers will be returning back to school, therefore we will be adding new part-time teachers to team as well!  As we have been orientating our new teachers, I thought that I would share with you some of the policies that we feel are important in order to keep the professionalism of our program.  Did you know that we do not allow teachers to have their cell phones in the classroom?  We feel that phones could distract us from the number one job we have: watching your child! A theme in the orientation is that we are professionals therefore we want to make sure our actions give the same message: we ask our teachers to not identify their employer as Parkside.  The reason for this is because if you were to search “Parkside” on the internet the employee’s Facebook page would come up.  We also ask that teachers do not become “friends” with families at Parkside. The reason for this is because we want to be known for our professional relationship with you and your child and these lines can be blurred. 

                This week we have introduced composting to our Preschool classrooms.  We heard from parents in the parent survey (this past May) that they wished we would introduce this to our program and we couldn’t agree more!  Thank you to Miss Bryn, who is one of our Science enrichment instructors; she helped to implement the new concept to our Yosemite and Olympic classrooms.  We are looking forward to continuing to introduce this to our whole program over the upcoming months.

                “We’ve Got Your Back Campaign” Update:  Wow, this week our bus has become filled with several backpacks and school supplies to help local families in our community provide the supplies that are needed to start school with.  We will continue to collect supplies for Penquis C.A.P. until next Friday, August 10th!  Thank you again to all who have donated to this awesome campaign!  Below, is an article discussing the importance of volunteering and ideas you can do with your child!  We feel that it is important for children to begin to understand the world around them and how they can be helpful to others.  We have been watching children running up the walkway with their school supply items excited for the opportunity to help!  You can find this article at: http://www.pbs.org/parents/special/article-tips-for-volunteering-with-kids.html.


                End of the Year Event!  August, 24th (rain date August 23rd):  Soon, we will be saying our final “good byes” to our Pre-K friends and “hello” to all of our new friend!  We are planning a fun day for both the kids and adults that will include a dino dig, sidewalk chalk, bounce houses and many more activities!  The times for this event will be announced soon!  If your child has left Parkside, we invite you and your child to come and back to have fun with their friends! 

                **Parents, we are looking for your feedback:**  For parents who pay their tuition weekly: would you be in favor if we moved from paying your child’s tuition from check to ACH withdrawls and not have the option to paying by check?  Please note we are not looking to change this immediately, but possibly in the future!

Have a great weekend,



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