Grand Teton

Hello from Grand Teton!

This week we had fun with water as we learned about the ocean.  We sang, “I Went Swimming in the Ocean,” “Take Me Out to the Ocean,” and “Old MacDonald had an Ocean.”  We learned about sharks, crabs, whales, lobster and many other things found in the ocean.  We got to see and feel a star fish.


We rode the buggy down the hall and looked at the ocean mural.  We had tummy time on blanket that  had an ocean scene on it too.


We read, “That’s not my Pirate,” “Ocean life,” and “Peppa Pig and the Treasure Hunt.”  We also read, “Hide and Seek Pout Pout Fish.”  We liked lifting the flaps and finding the fish underneath.


We learned how somethings float in water and some things sink.   We learned that ocean water is cold.  We loved putting our hands and feet in the cool water!  We also found a star fish in there.


Have a wonderful vacation!