Hello from Zion!

This week’s theme was “a sensory Christmas.” We learned about the sights, sounds, and smells of the holidays.

Our activities this week included…

Making a lunch bag Rudolph using cut outs of our hands for Rudolph’s antlers.

Playing with snow in our sensory table INSIDE. We loved making snowballs and using scoopers.


Using large buttons to decorate a tree and a snowman.

Wearing our “ugly Christmas sweaters” to school.


Playing with pay-doh that smelled like candy canes.


Using 3 green popsicle sticks and making them into a Christmas tree. Then we used pipe cleaners and pom-poms to decorate it.


Painting candy canes with red paint that was mixed with peppermint. Our classroom smelt so good!


We had a great week! We hope you have a wonderful holiday break! Happy Holidays!


  • Parkside is CLOSED next Monday and Tuesday for Christmas.
  • We are closed January 1st as well.
  • No products with nuts are allowed at Parkside. This includes almond butter/milk and Nutella.
  • Keep two sets of everything in your child’s cubby at all times (hats, gloves, pants, shirts, socks). Even snow pants if you have an extra set.