Hello Olympic families!

This week we explored dinosaurs. We learned about different types of meat eaters and plant eaters. We built a dinosaur community in our block area, and we even dug for fossils! Our song of the week was called “Dinosaur, Dinosaur!”

At our discovery and science station we dug for fossils! We made sure to wear protective eye wear like paleontologists do. On Friday, we put the pieces together to form a dinosaur.

At our math work board station, we categorized dinosaurs by size, color, meat eater, and plant eater. We also pretended that they hatched out of their eggs. We counted how many dinosaurs were in our village.


For our vocabulary work board station, we explored new vocabulary words. Those words included “fossil,” “prehistoric,” “bone,” “footprint,” and “dinosaur.” We practiced writing these words while we talked about dinosaurs.


Have a great weekend!


  • Our end of the year party is August 25th (rain date is the 24th).